As an employer, you may consider implementing some strategies to improve your employees’ wellbeing. In this article, we will focus on discussing Employee Benefits as an example of a policy your company could benefit from.

Credit score determines whether a specific bank will give you a loan. In some cases, your credit score will also have an impact on the interest rate of the loan. That’s why it is obvious that we should avoid situations which could negatively influence our rating.

Dealing with all the formalities associated with buying a new home may be a bit overwhelming and challenging. Yet, their negligence can lead to a financial catastrophe. To provide an example, The Guardian described the history of the family forced to pay a £50,000 bill for the repairs in the home they didn’t officially own.

You may think that being loyal to your bank is always a good strategy for saving money on your mortgage. However, you could be surprised that some existing banks’ customers overpay as much as £600 annually compared to the new customers of the same bank.

Five Star Mortgages advisors can really help you with remortgaging. After reviewing your current financial situation our advisor will be able to assess the best options for you and help you change your bank, if that proves to be the best solution in your case.

The amount of a mortgage which you can obtain depends on your income, family situation and term of a mortgage. The longer the mortgage term the more affordable the loan will be so therefore the more you might be able to borrow.

Lots of you have asked, is it worth buying using the Help to Buy scheme? Unfortunately, there isn’t one, universal answer to this question. Everything depends on individual needs and personal circumstances.

We are often contacted by clients, who bought a property using the Help to Buy scheme and would like to pay off the Help to Buy loan and own 100% of their property, but don’t know where to start. We have prepared this short guide, where you can find some of the basic information.